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9321Re: question with respect to paedocommunion

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  • reformed_calvinist
    Nov 22 2:45 AM
      > Clearly Calvin , in IC 4.xvi.30 denies paedocommunion based on the
      > nature of the necessity of self examination and discernment
      > as requirements for participation : e.g. " Do this in remembrance
      > me. " cannot be faithfully , and thoroughly required of infants who
      > have not " grasped " the historical redemption , etc.

      [Calvin's teachings in the Institutes on the Sabbath can also be held

      > There is no evidence that children partook of the Passover , but
      > rather were catechized with respect to the observation of its
      > practice , as Exodus 12:26 .

      [The lack of text in which it says that children partook of the
      passover is not in the OT reading, however to say that there is no
      evidence as to their partaking is in error.

      "Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel, and said unto them,
      Draw out and take you a lamb according to your families, and kill the

      The lamb was to be drawn according to families. The lamb was also to
      dwell with the family prior to sacrifice. Unless the children were
      out of the house during these times we can assume that they too were
      see the picture (image) God set before them.

      "That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the LORD's passover, who
      passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he
      smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people bowed
      the head and worshipped."

      Again, children were a part of the covenant relationship of God to
      his people.

      Infants, those not weened, of course cannot take solid food, however,
      the feasts that God had enacted and commanded Israel to keep were for
      the teaching of the children in Israel. The command in Deu to teach
      our children speak of this.

      > Although there is particular evidence of Christ being circumcized
      > an infant , there is no evidence of His partaking of the Passover
      > one : moreover , even as a twelve year old when He is at Jerusalem
      > during the Passover He is rather shown to be participating in
      > chatechism as Luke 2:46 .

      [Just as there is no evidence that children or women were baptised or
      women partaking of the Lord's supper we can by good and necessary
      consequence determine from Sripture that they did.

      There would be no need to reiterate that which is clearly deduced in
      scriptures, such as paedo baptism.

      > 1 Cor.10:3 , nor the OT history , indicate that children partook of
      > the manna .
      > Thus , since there is not a direct commandment or unambiguous
      > for the inclusion of children , it would be idolatrous to do so ,
      > it would be following the commandment of men .
      > If anyone has anything to add , critically or otherwise , or can
      > point to other classical writers or resources where this matter is
      > discussed scripturally , please share freely .
      > Until the Day Dawn , Andrew
      > Magni

      The exact same arguments against paedo communion are used
      by "reformed" baptists against covenant baptism.

      "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come
      unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

      The above, as well as the other accounts of the same incident in Mark
      and Luke are not baptism passages.

      God commands against man made images, but God himself creates images
      to show his salvation. Why is it that the word of God must always be
      included with the Lord's supper? Both are images that God himself has
      employed, both for our encouragement and edification. The Word of God
      both cuts and heals, it is a form of discipline and of encouragement.
      The Supper of the lamb is the image of the slain Christ, sacrificed
      for sin, the wrath of God that is taken by Christ that should be
      meant for us. Both these are for us and our children, they show the
      children their need for the righteousness of God that can only be
      obtained by Christ and our dependance upon what he has done.

      Baptism does not save, neither does communion. Baptism is a sign of
      God's covenant relationship with his people, communion is a sign of
      our constant need of the righteouness and benefits of Christ. They
      both go hand in hand.

      The false idea that children did not partake of the passover is a
      push at best, dishonest as worst. There is not biblical ground which
      excludes children of the children of God (a God who in fact saves in
      the line of generations)from the testimony of God, and the need of
      sinful man, pictured in the Passover.

      Mike Leathers
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