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9156Going back to Rome is COVENANT BREAKING

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  • weeping_calvinist
    Oct 28, 2003
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      "That we shall, in like manner, without respect of persons, endeavour
      the extirpation of Popery, Prelacy (that is, Church government by
      archbishops, bishops, their chancellors and commissioners, deans,
      deans and chapters, archdeacons, and all other ecclesiastical officers
      depending on that hierarchy), superstition, heresy, schism,
      profaneness, and whatsoever shall be found contrary to sound doctrine
      and the power of Godliness; lest we partake in other men's sins, and
      thereby be in danger to receive of their plagues; and that the Lord
      may be one, and his name one, in the three kingdoms." Solemn League
      and Covenant, II.

      Apostolic? Nay, APOSTATE!

      (shocked, appalled, and saddened, by the recent news of one former
      "psaalmsinger" who once professed the True, Biblical, and Reformed
      Faith, who has now swallowed the lies [hook, line, and sinker] of the
      Pope and His Whore)

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