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  • Colin
    Jul 11, 2003
      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Peter"
      <GrayPJ@c...> wrote:
      > "Idealism" almost sounds like Christian Dualism "Good Vs Evil".
      > Also, it sounds like the logical conclusion of futurism's
      > hermeneutical technique, which stresses the literal method of
      > interpretation. I guess if they were true to their method they
      > would believe Babylon the Great was actually a whore on a dragon,
      > if I'm interpreting what your saying correctly? Please tell me more
      > about Idealism?

      The "Idealist" method of prophetic interpretation is primarily
      an "Ahistorical" method (in effect, the very opposite of Historicism
      and to some extent, the opposite of Preterism too). The Idealist
      method does not look for fulfullment of NT prophecy in any historical
      events, but only in terms of themes or ideals (ie. "Good Vs
      Evil", "Christ Vs Satan", the "Church Vs the kingdom of Antichrist",

      Not surprisingly, no premillennialist would subscribe to this method.
      But some Postmillennialists have (e.g. Rushdoony's book, "Thy Kingdom
      Come: Studies in Daniel and Revelation"). But mostly its a view held
      by many Amillennialists today (e.g. William Hendickson, Kim
      Riddlebarger, Sam Hamstra, Cornelis Venema, Robert Strimple, etc.).
      While some other Amills are futurists (e.g. David Engelsma) and other
      Amills are preterists (e.g. Jay Adams).

      > > Why do you think there is a book called, "Five Views
      > > on Law and Gospel" (and that one doesn't even cover NCT or Kline
      > > or Shepherd's views)?
      > I've never heard of that book. I was aware that there are
      > variations of the two main views of the Covenants but not to such
      > an extent.
      > How old was the book?

      It was first published in 1994 under the title, "The Law, The Gospel
      and the Modern Christian: Five Views" edited by Wayne Strickland. Its
      recent edition has a newer title.

      > Most of these schismatic seem to have arisen
      > fairly recently. I know NCT is new (I'm not being redundant).

      Yes, NCT is an over-reaction against classical covenant theology and
      infant baptism. (Its also an over-reaction to Theonomy too, which NCT
      Advocates (Reisinger and Zens) see as the logical implication of
      classical covenant theology).

      > Where is the online version of the History of Protestantism?


      http://www.bpc.org/reading_room/books/ wylie/protestantism.html









      > I bought SWRB's, version does it have illustrations? Where did you
      > buy yours?

      I bought mine 15 years ago from "Valley Gospel Mission", the Canadian
      distributor of "Gospel Mission" books in Choteau, MT.

      If yours is the "SWRB version", then you must be referring to a
      photocopy reprint, since that is mostly what they sell now. But it
      should come with the same illustrations throughout the book. The only
      reason why the online versions do not have the illustrations included
      are because the image files are too big to download off the Internet.

      If you want to get the real book version of HoP, then go to:


      > It surprised me when I found out Paisley was a Premillennialist.
      > Perhaps a remnant of his Baptist upbringing or am a being narrow
      > minded?

      Its more due to his fundamentalist upbringing and associations (e.g.
      Bob Jones University) , but also because Spurgeon, Andrew Bonar and
      McCheyne were all premill too, as well as his favorite puritan,
      Thomas Goodwin. There is even an organisation that is dedicated to
      promoting sovereign grace and [post-trib] premillennialism:


      Many older ministers in Paisley's Free Presbyterian church are
      premillennial, but the younger ones tend to be Amill (and one who is
      postmill), but everyone of them are Historicists.

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