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8701Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Uncomprimising Christians

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  • Peter
    Jul 1, 2003
      I'm sorry for being unclear. If its any excuse it was very late for
      me when I posted that message. But, my intentions were praise not
      mockery. "hardliners" was supposed to be an term of affection. I too
      believe the Pope is the Anti-Christ. Again, what I said was meant in
      praise, though I can certainly see how it might be construed
      otherwise. Noticed I criticized preterism, which seems to dominate
      CT churches today. Needless to say, I am NOT a futurist. I thought
      futurism was generally held by disbys & premills. I have read many
      good things on popery. In fact, lately most of my free time has been
      devoted to studying popery. My personal favorite is J.A.
      Wylie's "The Papacy is the AntiChrist". I believe this book is
      considered to be the authoritative vindication of that premise. I
      have a book by Alexander Hislop called the Two Babylons which
      compares Romanism to the pagan worship of Belshazzar. I haven't had
      the chance to read it yet is it good? I have a single volume of
      Puritan sermons about popery. I've listened to innumerable historic
      sermons on the Nicodemians, reforming the church, and romes
      idolatry. Without a doubt the Pope is the man of sin and the RCC the
      mystery of iniquity, I'm as sure of it as I am that Jesus is Christ
      and Protestantism and the OT and apostolic religions proceeding it
      are the mystery of godliness (some what reminiscent of Wylie?).
      What I said, "Even conservative Presbyterian denominations don't
      believe the Pope is the AntiChrist anymore" was said in surprise and
      elation, because I know most conservative American Presbyterian
      denominations don't have a definitive stance on eschatology- PCA,
      OPC. The Reformed Presbytery of North America might, I don't know
      any thing about them. Given you live in N. Dakota I assume they are
      a German (Rhinish Palatinate) Presbytery? Note I am none of these:
      Baptist, preterist, Sabbath denier. I only mentioned them because it
      seems many people of reformed persuasion fall away on these points
      of orthodoxy. Have you noticed that? Im sorry if you misunderstood,
      but how could you take offense to subject entitled "Uncomprimising

      > Hi Peter. my name is Darren Harr and I live in North Dakota. What
      you define as "hardliners" we refer to as faithfulness to the word
      of God. I am a member of the Reformed Presbytery of North America
      and yes we sincerely uphold the WCF. I am glad to see you believe
      in keeping the Sabbath. You would do yourself a great deal of good
      if you read the material as to why we believe the pope is the anti-
      Christ. I believe you will conclude as I have, along with other
      nations that concluded the same thing. So to answer your question
      yes we believe the pope is most definitely the anti-Christ.

      Excuse me, I confused the covenanters with the leaguers. My grasp on
      history isn't as good as yours but I do know a wee bit about the era
      (Im a fan of Paisley). I thought that the Scots would be friendly
      with King Billy because the Jacobins were papists? The histories of
      the Presbyterian Churches are very confusing. The largest
      Presbyterian church where I live is the PC-USA other main ones are
      the OPC and PCA. I believe that trend continues throughout the
      entire east cost? I think these churches are mainly of British

      >This club (silly, nostalgic me... I mean "group") is a mix of
      different calvinistic people (and we've had a few non-calvinistic as
      well), like one might expect from any other group of a similar
      on the internet. But the club itself is run by a covenanter, and has
      a focus geared towards the covenanters. The covenanters are those
      known also as Reformed Presbyterians, who rejected the settlement of
      the Church of Scotland under the authority of William
      of Orange at the time of the "Glorious Revolution" as it was
      as establishing the church on new, unwarranted (and partly erastian)
      footing and violated the covenants to God that had been previously
      taken by church and state. They also rejected the changes that were
      adopted when the presbyterians of Scotland and Ireland were forming
      into ecclesiastical courts in North America. Many of us in this club
      identify with the secession from the RPCNA that took place in 1840,
      which declined Synod's jurisdiction due widening breaches in the
      RPCNA from the original RP views, and the inability after 7 years to
      get fair representation before synod to address the matter.
      Notwithstanding a recognition of gifts and talents of Christians
      (some of whom are friends) who happen to be in these other
      denominations, they find that the reasons for dissent from these
      synodical bodies as ecclesiastical bodies still exists, and remain
      outside of official ecclesiastical relations with these
      as ecclesiastical bodies.
      >- doom
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