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8696Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Uncomprimising Christians

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  • Darren Harr
    Jul 1, 2003
      Hi Peter. my name is Darren Harr and I live in North Dakota.  What you define as "hardliners" we refer to as faithfulness to the word of God.  I am a member of the Reformed Presbytery of North America and yes we sincerely uphold the WCF.  I am glad to see you believe in keeping the Sabbath. You would do yourself a great deal of good if you read the material as to why we believe the pope is the anti-Christ. I believe you will conclude as I have, along with other nations that concluded the same thing.  So to answer your question yes we believe the pope is most definitely the anti-Christ.     
      eter <pjgray@...> wrote:
      WOW. You guys must be real hardliners. From my limited experience it
      seems like most "reformed" circles on the internet are infested with
      Baptists, preterists, and possibly worst of all, Sabbath deniers. I
      haven't had the time to cipher through all the messages but your
      home page definitely gives the impression that you are
      uncompromising adherents to the WCF. Even conservative Presbyterian
      denominations don't believe the Pope is the AntiChrist anymore. Is
      this the consensus here or have I made a fool of myself?

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