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  • weeping_calvinist
    Jun 15, 2003
      Chuck wrote, "Unfortunately many of the more strict denominations
      seem to have lost the concept of Christian love but here on your
      board I do not get that impression about the Covenanters."

      I again thank Chuck for these kind words, and thank all of those in
      this club that have provoked these kind words.

      But I wanted to point out that I've met plenty of wonderfull,
      kind, and loving Christians who have never even heard of the
      Covenanters. And on the other side of the coin, perhaps the most
      evil, lying, cheating, thieving, covenant-breaking, cruel, and
      unloving beast of a man I've ever personally met claimed to be a

      So let it be known, that there are fine Christian people of many
      denominational associations, and conversely, there are those who
      cause the Gentiles to blaspheme even among the Covenanters.

      For this I still weep, for the Church, for my family, and for my own

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