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  • twogunfighter544
    Jun 13, 2003
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      I am mainly a lurker here so many of you do not know me. I enjoy
      reading the topics discussed but, as I am not a member of your
      denomination, I rarely post. I am also a member of two other boards.
      One is the Puritanboard, which I highly reccommend, and the other
      will remain anonymous. I have seen on other boards a very high level
      of vituperativeness that is disconcerting (even to a Calvinist). I am
      really impressed by the way which the members of this board conduct
      themselves while online. I appreciate the loving manner that I have
      always been received, even when I have posted comments that were
      contrary to your denomination's doctrine. Unfortunately many of the
      more strict denominations seem to have lost the concept of Christian
      love but here on your board I do not get that impression about the
      Covenanters. Anyway just wanted to let you guys know that although I
      am at odds with you guys on many of the particulars of ecclesiology,
      I appreciate the loving way you stand for your convictions. I know
      that it is a difficult tightrope to walk and you are proving your
      love for our Creator by your actions toward His creations.

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