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8585Re: Catholicism on knowledge/authority

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  • Dan Fraas
    Jun 3, 2003
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      "And thus in the state of perfect nature man needs a gratuitous
      strength superadded to natural strenth for one reson, viz., in order
      to do and wish supernatural good; but for two reasons, in the state
      of corrupt nature, viz., in order to be healed, and furthermore in
      order to carry out works of supernatural virtue, which are
      meritorious. Beyond this, in both states man needs the Divine help,
      that he may be moved to act well." Thomas Aquinas--Summa Theologica,
      Vol 7. p. 150

      Here Aquinas speaks of a finite capacity to do good that he describes
      as incomplete and in need of God's "superadded gratuitous strength"
      to do what is good. Man before the fall and after the fall simply
      needs divine "help" to make his own right decisions. This capacity
      to make "meritorious" decisions independently and autonomously of
      God's will creates a realm of possibility beyond God's control. God
      cannot determine all things if he does not determine all human
      decisions and actions.

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