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7934Fw: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: Act Declaration and Testimony

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  • Gary Gearon
    Mar 5, 2003
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      Hello RC1,

      Did you see the articles that were posted? Here they are for you just in
      case (below). This is where you will see the defense. Also,
      "non-lascivious," "biblical" historical re-enactments are also forbidden
      "Jesus Film," "10 Commandments," "the ROBE," "Joseph," etc...

      In terms of historic battle reenactments, there are quite a few on

      Remember the Alamo (John Wayne - that's not his real name - he was


      Gods and Generals

      Black Hawk Down

      D-Day / The Longest Day

      "Apocaplyse Now" does not qualify. Historian unanimously agree that there
      was no heavy bald guy in the jungles of Nam who led a cult of militant asian

      I am just bringing these examples up for discussion.

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      > For arguments regarding theater attendance that go a bit beyond the
      > placement of semi-colons, see:
      > Samuel Miller on Theatre Attendance
      > (http://www.covenanter.org/SMiller/millertheatre.htm)
      > Increase Mather on Stage-Plays
      > (http://www.covenanter.org/IMather/increasemathertestimony.htm#theatre
      > )
      > Augustin's observations on the Stage (
      > http://www.ccel.org/fathers2/NPNF1-01/npnf1-01-11.htm#P440_131676 ,
      > starting at #2, and also make sure to look at footnote #1)
      > gmw.
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