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7820[Covenanted Reformation] Re: French Reformers

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  • Thomas Britton <bander1643@yahoo.com>
    Feb 17, 2003
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      Hello Simon!

      Three Volumes of Calvin's sermons en Francais ici

      Happy-clappy? Oui!


      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Simon Padbury
      <s.p.e.padbury@d...> wrote:
      > Dear ~Cathie~
      > Doesn't matter where in the world, I'm just interested, for starters,
      > in French Reformed literature. I can speak a little French (i.e., I
      > would hesitate to say that I was fluent), and I can read French fairly
      > well. If I could get hold of some French Reformed literature I would
      > have more incentive to improve. I also have a Louis Segond (slightly
      > revised) French Bible, which I read -- the one that the Trinitarian
      > Bible Society produce, though they are currently trying to make a more
      > accurate one.
      > There are two reasons why I a interested in aquiring French Reformed
      > literature. One is that, following contact made during our pastor's
      > open-air preaching, sometimes we have African Francophone refugees
      > come to our church. We struggle to accommodate them, with myself in
      > the vanguard, but so far they move on after a few weeks, looking for a
      > 'happy-clappy' church. They enjoy the fact that we have long sermons
      > (by todays standards; no-one falls asleep out of any windows!), but
      > they detest (or I should say, deteste) exclusive Psalmody. We'd be a
      > long way off producing our own tracts in French, so I'm on the prowl
      > for some. BTW, does anybody know where I could get a Genevan Psalter?
      > I'm serious!
      > Another reason is that, should the Lord grant me an arrow in my
      > quiver, or more, a vine or more around my table (you get the picture),
      > my wife and I hope to home-educate. It sould please my heart indeed to
      > have my little saplings reading Jean Cauvin en Francais!!!
      > Best regards,
      > Simon.
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