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  • Gary Gearon
    Feb 10, 2003
      Well said, Dee Dee, and thank you for sharing your painful testimony. May
      God grant you continued comfort. He is gracious and faithful in all our
      sufferings and trials, even when we are not.

      In regard to "Blues" singers there are some notable Christian Blues singers
      (a la early 1900's) that have some absolutlely horrendous stories behind
      them. To mention one of the more notable ones: "Blind Willie Johnson," even
      the heathen blues singers know of Blind Willie Johnson. He is considered a
      master. His stepmother got into an argument with his father, and she poured
      lye/acid into his eyes to spite the father. Willie was an innocent young boy
      of seven years age. He spent much of his life in Texas "singing the gospel"
      to people at a train station. Eric Clapton recorded one of his songs,
      "motherless children have a hard time" with a slight twist.

      There is also a compilation disc I have from Sony entitled "Singing the
      Gospel Holy Blues," from Black blues singers of the early 1900's.

      A more contemporary, old-timer artist is Rev Dan Smith, a harp player:

      God's radar is fixed on you
      God's radar is fixed on you
      No matter what you say
      No matter what you do
      God's radar is fixed on you

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      > > Thank you, sister. Sounds like you know the kind of pain I'm going
      > > through.
      > >
      > Jer,
      > I don't know your specific pain, but I know you described mine! I
      > would joke through my tears that I was going to have to throw out my
      > pillow because it was going to mildew. (I did have to throw it out
      > too!) It was an effort to face the day each morning, but the long,
      > dark nights were worse when the wheels that Satan kept spinning in my
      > head would turn endlessly. I spent many, many hours reading the
      > Psalms & the Prophets. Lamentations 3 was my best friend. In fact
      > 3:31 is on Joshua's headstone.
      > The thing about blues music is that there is no hope in their
      > message. God's message on the other hand is filled with hope... and
      > compassion. No matter what we suffer in this life we have eternity to
      > look forward to and that is the knot on the end of the rope for us to
      > hold onto. I can remember feeling as if my chest was going to
      > explode. The physical pain was sometimes more than I could bear. It
      > was as if I had hundreds of pounds of pressure crushing me. I cried
      > out to the Lord begging Him to just relive me of the pain I was
      > suffering and take me home. I understood what Paul felt when he said,
      > to live is to die, and to die is gain (though I know that his agonies
      > were different.) Each day I had to face my unworthiness as a parent,
      > as a wife, as a child of the most high King.
      > God's grace is sufficient Jer. Hang in there, and if you want to sing
      > the blues... sing David's blues cuz that is where you will find hope.
      > May God grant you peace and grace to endure the refining fire.
      > Have a blessed Lord's day brother!
      > With Tears in My Eyes,
      > Dee Dee
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