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  • Martin
    Feb 2, 2003
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      From the epistle to the reader from Calvin's Institutes of the Christian
      "I may add, that my object in this work was to prepare and train students of
      theology for the study of the Sacred Volume, so that they might both have an
      easy introduction to it, and be able to proceed in it, with unfaltering
      step, seeing I have endeavoured to give such a summary of religion in all
      its parts, and have digested it into such an order as may make it not
      difficult for any one, who is rightly acquainted with it, to ascertain both
      what he ought principally to look for in Scripture, and also to what head he
      ought to refer whatever is contained in it. Having thus, as it were, paved
      the way, I shall not feel it necessary, in any Commentaries on Scripture
      which I may afterwards publish, to enter into long discussions of doctrines
      or dilate on common places, and will, therefore, always compress them. In
      this way the pious reader will be saved much trouble and weariness, provided
      he comes furnished with a knowledge of the present work as an essential
      prerequisite. As my Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans will give a
      specimen of this plan, I would much rather let it speak for itself than
      declare it in words. Farewell, dear reader, and if you derive any fruit from
      my labours, give me the benefit of your prayers to the Lord. "


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      > This may be referring to somewhere in his introduction or epistle to
      > the reader where if I remember rightly he says something to the
      > effect that he is writing the Institutes so that he can deal with the
      > subjects of Scripture at greater length there and not have to make
      > long explanations of every point of doctrine in his commentaries, I
      > can't tell you exactly what page or paragraph but I remember rading
      > that somewhere in the intro. Hope this helps
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      > > Subject: Re: [Covenanted Reformation] A new article has been added
      > to
      > > ReformationOnline.com
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Women, Freedom, and Calvin
      > > By Jane Dempsey Douglass
      > > Philadelphia, Westminster, 1985. 155 pp. $11.95.
      > >
      > > Tp - You cited the above mentioned author as insisting
      > >
      > > " upon following Calvin's own advice that his commentaries and
      > > sermons be read in light of the Institutes. This is a significant
      > > point"
      > >
      > > Tp's Question
      > >
      > > Does this writer supply a footnote giving the location of Calvin's
      > > comment that his commentaries and sermons be read in the light of
      > the
      > > Institutes? If she does, please advise me where this comment may be
      > > found.
      > >
      > > In Christ's love and service
      > > Tp
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