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759Free Software... for real.

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  • raging_calvinist
    Sep 20 7:27 AM
      Ok, I didn't want to post this until I was sure
      it was for real. Well, I got my CD-Rom yesterday,
      and I'll be dipped. It's
      real.<br><br><a href=http://www.freebiblesoftware.com/ target=new>http://www.freebiblesoftware.com/</a> is giving away free Logos 2.1 bible software. On
      it includes 2 biggies which made me go ahead and
      fill out their forms to get it -- Wilhemus a' Brakel's
      "The Christian's Reasonable Service" (a tremendous
      Dutch Reformed systematic theology from c. 1700) and
      R.L. Dabney's "Lectures on Systematic Theology"
      (Southern Presbyterian). Other good stuff includes Hodge's
      Commentary on the Westminster Confession, and McCheynne's
      Sermons and Letters. Fill out their form, they send you
      the software. I'm digging it.<br><br>gmw.