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6823Re: Questions for Bill

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  • Susan
    Dec 2, 2002
      (Okay, this is my third attempt to post this. First time I accidently
      used Tom's ID...didn't see him logged in. Second time it didn't show
      up. If it shows I'll delete one of them.)

      "I would like to think that I have
      stimulated some people to consider
      the scriptures in ways they might not
      have been exposed. Honestly."

      I'm afraid your interpretation of
      Scripture, your attitude toward
      those trying to correct you, and your
      evasion of legitimate questions
      has made your goal impossible, at
      least with me. I too hate
      denominationalism, but there is a time
      for explaining a litle more
      than, "I believe whatever Scripture
      says." After all, Mormons, JW's,
      every denomination under the sun, and
      even many in Hollywood will tell
      you that! Sadly, the Word has been so twisted that
      these days saying,
      "I believe whatever Scripture says" tells me nothing
      about what you
      actually believe. At this point, I'm not sure if you
      are a misguided,
      mistaught, misunderstanding ~believer~ as I was (and
      STILL am on many
      things), or if you are a heretic here for reasons I'm
      sure I cannot
      begin to understand.

      If the former, I hope you will change your stance, at
      least in this
      group, from one of teaching to one of learning. If you
      are the latter,
      a different course is inevitable.

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