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6618Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Forget about the South, concentrate on the Covenant

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  • Crown Rights Book Company
    Nov 24, 2002
      At 01:01 PM 11/24/02 -0800, you wrote:
      >Dear brethren,
      > The following is from Larry Birger and he reminds us about the
      > struggle of the Covenanters. This is indeed a struggle for which
      > Christians should concentrate on, not on pitiful and useless debates of
      > the "Civil War" that profit nothing but are dung. We are here to build
      > Christ's Kingdom in Church & State and to call everyone, every where to
      > submit to the royal authority of Christ and to believe in Him. To call
      > the Jews and Gentiles to repentance, to pray for the downfall & overthrow
      > of Anti-Christ and her bastard whores, the driving back of the Locust
      > (ISLAM), to seek to demonstrate mercy to all through the propagation of
      > the Gospel and the Second Coming of Christ. If we do not take up the
      > Banner of Christ, but instead debate about who was right in the "civil
      > War" and other such frivolous topics, we waste our time and profit no man
      > (or woman) anything.


      Your point is good, but when there is a blatant violation of the Ninth
      Commandment being committed in a public forum, it is not a frivolous matter
      to defend the good name of five million people who are no longer around to
      defend it themselves.

      The events of the 1860s also have very definite ramifications on the state
      of this country today, and so it is important for Christians to understand
      them -- even if we admit that our forefathers were not 100% biblical in
      everything they did.

      Libertas inestimabilis res est,
      Greg Loren Durand

      Crown Rights Book Company


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