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6610Forget about the South, concentrate on the Covenant

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  • PuritanPresbyterian
    Nov 24, 2002
      Dear brethren,
         The following is from Larry Birger and he reminds us about the struggle of the Covenanters.  This is indeed a struggle for which Christians should concentrate on, not on pitiful and useless debates of the "Civil War" that profit nothing but are dung.  We are here to build Christ's Kingdom in Church & State and to call everyone, every where to submit to the royal authority of Christ and to believe in Him.  To call the Jews and Gentiles to repentance, to pray for the downfall & overthrow of Anti-Christ and her bastard whores, the driving back of the Locust (ISLAM), to seek to demonstrate mercy to all through the propagation of the Gospel and the Second Coming of Christ.  If we do not take up the Banner of Christ, but instead debate about who was right in the "civil War" and other such frivolous topics, we waste our time and profit no man (or woman) anything.
          "Now, Christians, the more great and glorious things you expect from God, as the downfall of antichrist, the conversion of the Jews, the conquest of the nations to Christ, the breaking off of all yokes, the new Jerusalem's coming down from above, the extraordinary pouring out of the Spirit, and a more general union among all saints, the more holy, yea, the more enimently holy in all your ways and actings it becomes you to be."
                                                                          Thomas Brooks, The Crown and Glory of Christianity, 1662 (Complete Works, 1867, p.444).
      PRC List : Larry makes a good point for all Covenanters.

                     As we see, then, our quarrel goes back
                     over three hundred years ­ and really,
                     back to the dawn of the human race. Our
                     contending is for nothing less than the
                     Crown Rights ­ the comprehensive Crown
                     Rights ­ of the blessed promised Seed, the
                     Lord Jesus Christ, which are denied,
                     trampled, and usurped on all sides. The
                     Serpent and his seed throughout the
                     millennia have unceasingly sought and
                     fought to strip the Lamb of God of his due
                     honor and glory in Church and State. The
                     Lamb and his followers have continually
                     met them in battle, being made strong
                     through his Spirit and Word, and through
                     his might "casting down imaginations, and
                     every high thing that exalteth itself
                     against the knowledge of God, and bringing
                     into captivity every thought to the
                     obedience of Christ" (2 Cor. 10:5). By
                     such faithful contendings, God has
                     graciously granted two major Reformations
                     in days past: we stand desperately in need
                     of a third. There is great cause for
                     rejoicing in Zion, however, for an
                     increasing number of God's people are
                     beginning to be awakened, and to return to
                     the blessed biblical attainments of the
                     Covenanted Reformation. We are hopeful
                     that the prayers of the faithful
                     Covenanters of old are being answered:
                     that the rediscovery of their precious
                     principles and practices are nothing less
                     than a prologue to the third reformation
                     and the worldwide overthrow of Antichrist.
                     Forward by Larry Birger, THE COVENANTED

      For Christ's Kingdom,
      Edgar Ibarra
      San Francisco, CA
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