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  • speaking_of_tulips
    Nov 24 9:38 AM
      Dear all,

      I guess I am glad to be a slave.

      I am thankful for the pictures of slavery that the Scripture bring to
      us that we may understand the work of Christ with regard to us.

      I am glad that Christ has taken me captive to be his prisoner.

      I am thankful that I am no longer a slave to sin, but have been
      redeemed by another, bought at a price.

      Does any of that justify any man-stealing of recent centuries? No, but
      the *issue* of slavery is one that God designed for the purpose of
      declaring our bondage to sin under the covenant of works, and the
      relationship we bear to Christ under the covenant of grace.

      With regard to the "recent" establishment of slavery, one can make
      arguments that its *foundations* were wrong. Not only that, but
      slavery as practised not only in the US, but in Rome was different to
      the slavery of the OT.

      But the matter of slavery itself is never dealt with as being about
      which a believer should have an issue. If one can be made free, then
      indeed use that freedom. Otherwise be obedient glorifying Christ.

      Speaking of Tulips.

      (BTW: I not a redneck nor am I a southerner nor am I a pro-southerner
      but a Brit. . .)
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