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6243Re: Name Jerry's Baby

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  • Jerry
    Nov 2, 2002
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      In other words, I should go with "Honky" if it's a boy, and "Richard
      Cameron" if it's a girl.


      gmw (proud grandson of Hobart Thaddeus Waybright)

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@y..., thebishopsdoom <no_reply@y...>
      > --- In covenantedreformationclub@y..., "Jerry"
      > wrote:
      > > Anything else is pretty much fair game. So let's hear some
      > > suggestions.
      > Ger,
      > I think I have pretty much narrowed down the field for you. You'll
      > have to choose for yourself which of these to pick. But I think I
      > have the winners here.
      > If it is a boy,
      > I thought of Justus, but then that would sound too much like
      > and people might think you're some kind of puritan or something.
      > So I had temporarily decided on Hadad, but then when you called
      > it would sound like you were calling him your dad. So that wouldn't
      > work, either.
      > But I think I have real winners here.
      > 1. Hobab (favoured / beloved)
      > 2. Maale-akrabbim (because you know well of your own boyhood dreams
      > of being able to tell your friends that your name is "Ascent of
      > Scorpions" - so c'mon! live that dream thru your child!).
      > 3. Tertullian (which I think roughly translates as "Turtle dude")
      > I'm just warning everybody upfront though that I've got first dibs
      > on "Cameron" - maybe I've gotta dupe some poor girl into marrying
      > first, but I still call first dibs. But I'll let you have Renwick,
      > unless you're going for Bible names, in which case Susan's
      > of Luke is nice and Noah is cool. Or you could go with the
      > traditional Hobart Thaddeus, no?
      > Now, on the other hand, if it is a girl, I believe the winning
      > can be narrowed down to,
      > Besor (Glad news)
      > Bethdiblathaim (House of dry figs)
      > or possibly
      > Zia, just for the euphonic sound of it, but you may want to keep in
      > mind that it does mean sweat / swelling.
      > I think that's probably about the best I can do for girl's names. I
      > haven't got any peculiar methodology for girl's names other than
      > finding one that sounds nice (and what could sound nicer than Zia
      > Bethdiblathaim, right? "The swelling house of dry figs").
      > -thebishopsdoom
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