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5582Re: [Covenanted Reformation]Hurricane Lili

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  • Soles
    Oct 2, 2002
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      I'm glad that you made that prayer request, we do not listen to the news up
      here much, and at your words, we looked up the weather forecast for that
      area on the computer....Grandpa Warren lives100 miles north west of New
      Orleans and it looks at this point to be going to be hit with part of that

      I phoned my Daddy and he tells me that it is raining "Cats and Dogs"
      presently, tomorrow night he is planing on taking the three dogs with him
      and crawl under one of the vehicles and wait the storm out.....he has 100
      laying hens that he makes part of his living on, and he will not abandon
      them...he reassured me that there is a pond to get water from if he looses
      the power there. Daddy lives in a small trailer, which he says is buttoned
      down.....what ever that means...anyway if any of you good folk think of it
      please pray for my 75 year old father that he would be okay but more
      importantly by the Lord's mercy that he would be part of the Elect.

      In Christ,


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      > Dear brethren,
      > I would appreciate your prayers on the movement of Hurricane Lili. I am to
      > speak Monday and Tuesday morning at a conference, and Lili might wipe out
      > New Orleans. I would appreciate your prayers on the success of the trip,
      > well. I figure its only a hurricane, and the Lord Jesus need only to raise
      > his pinky, to send it elsewhere.
      > Gary
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