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5566Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: The James Begg Society

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  • S.P.Padbury
    Oct 1, 2002
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      Dear Jerry,

      <<<"We observe that the majority of "Protestant" church-goers in
      our day scoff at and reject much of the faith of their precesessors.
      Many express a heart-felt regret for the work of God in the
      Reformation, and seek to undo it....">>>

      --Did you not recognise my own inimitable style?

      BTW, I surfed around abit on the www.jbeggsoc.org.uk version of
      the JBS site, and foind that the "break out of frames" javascripts
      don't work for some reason. The only way out of the frameset it to
      keep hitting the "back" button on the internet browser.

      These same scripts work on the "easyweb" version of the site.
      Something crazy is going on!

      Best regards, Simon.
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