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  • Jerry
    Oct 1, 2002
      Never mind! I just got through to the new site. LOOKS GREAT! Thank
      you, Simon for doing this.

      This is from the intro to the Westminster Standards page:

      "We observe that the majority of "Protestant" church-goers in our day
      scoff at and reject much of the faith of their precesessors. Many
      express a heart-felt regret for the work of God in the Reformation,
      and seek to undo it. Besides their ignorance, for the most part, of
      the great doctinal truths that were promoted in the Reformation, many
      modern church-goers are committed to removing all trace of the
      simple, rich, reverent and Biblical worship of God that was also
      restored at that time, replacing it with shallow, man-made and man-
      centered hymns, choruses, rituals, drama, dance, and many other
      things that have no warrant from Holy Scripture.

      "Meanwhile, we thank God that we are also seeing a renewal of
      interest in the historic documents of the Westminster Standards, by
      Christians who have come to appreciate how far the teachings and
      practices of many modern-day churches have degenerated since those

      I agree whole-heartedly. Amen.

      Check out the new site, folks:


      --- In covenantedreformationclub@y..., "Jerry" <ragingcalvinist@c...>
      > Dear Simon,
      > Is there a new link? The one I used got me the old site.
      > gmw.
      > P.S. -- I'd be glad to get into the controversies that split the
      > Church of Scotland. I'll mention some briefly here, and then in
      > detail as I continue the series on Covie History. Of course, if
      > anyone else wants to get this conversation going now, be my guest.
      > The first controversy was the one between the Protestors and the
      > Resolutioners. The Resolutioners agreed with the Resolutions which
      > were passed that allowed "malignants" (open enemies of the
      > Reformation, covenant-refusers, and covenant-breakers) to hold
      > in Church and State.
      > The Protestors took the contrary view, which was that the Covenants
      > sworn by both Church and State did NOT allow such a resolution.
      > like Patrick Gillespie, Samuel Rutherford, and James Guthrie were
      > some notable Protestors.
      > The controversy you noted, the Revolution Settlement, was a great
      > divider. The Church of Scotland agreed to this settlement which
      > established Presbyterianism (not as Jus Divinum, but as a way to
      > up the Presbyterians), and which ratified the Westminster
      > Problems: What about the Covenants? Are we to forget they ever
      > happened? Will the Church of Scotland acknowledge her sin in
      > breaking Covenant? Should the Covenanters acknowledge a Church
      > is settled on Erastian principles? The Covenanters declined
      > participation in the Revolution Church. So do I.
      > --- In covenantedreformationclub@y..., "S.P.Padbury"
      > wrote:
      > > Dear Covenanted Reformation Club folk,
      > >
      > > I have just uploaded an entire replacement for the James Begg
      > > Society website. Take a look! Tell me what doesn't work, and
      > > where the mistakes are...! Of particular interest to you may be
      > > Westminster Standards documents (British; not the American
      > > edited ones), which I have given drop-down menus for easy
      > > navigation; and the WCF and WLC I have also made into frames
      > > versions (but whole-document versions are still also available).
      > >
      > > God willing, there'll be more to come. I hope to put on the JBS
      > site
      > > again the Sum of Saving Knowledge, and some other stuff. But I'm
      > > very busy a the moment.
      > >
      > > I've only told a few of you folk, but I've got a new job and so
      > wife
      > > and I, therefore, hope to be moving soon. The job is about a
      > > hundred miles away, and I have to go there at the end of the
      > > month, meanwhile my wife will still be in Sheffield sorting out
      > > house move from that end. We have no car, so that's just how it
      > > will have to be for 2-3 months, however long it takes to move
      > > house. I'll help with the packing up as much as I can...!
      > >
      > > This move means that I will be leaving the vicinity of Sheffield
      > > University, where I have free email access. This means that in a
      > > couple of weeks time, for a while at least, I will have to come
      > > this CovenantedReformation discussion list, until I get email set
      > up
      > > in our new home.
      > >
      > > I have a question for you Covenanters out there. Can you explain
      > > me what happened that led to the Reformed Presbyterians splitting
      > > off from the other Scottish presbyterians? -- about the
      > > Settlement, its contents, and the views that each side of the
      > > took?
      > >
      > > Yours sincerely, Simon Padbury.
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