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  • S.P.Padbury
    Oct 1, 2002
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      Dear Covenanted Reformation Club folk,

      I have just uploaded an entire replacement for the James Begg
      Society website. Take a look! Tell me what doesn't work, and
      where the mistakes are...! Of particular interest to you may be the
      Westminster Standards documents (British; not the American
      edited ones), which I have given drop-down menus for easy
      navigation; and the WCF and WLC I have also made into frames
      versions (but whole-document versions are still also available).

      God willing, there'll be more to come. I hope to put on the JBS site
      again the Sum of Saving Knowledge, and some other stuff. But I'm
      very busy a the moment.

      I've only told a few of you folk, but I've got a new job and so my wife
      and I, therefore, hope to be moving soon. The job is about a
      hundred miles away, and I have to go there at the end of the
      month, meanwhile my wife will still be in Sheffield sorting out the
      house move from that end. We have no car, so that's just how it
      will have to be for 2-3 months, however long it takes to move
      house. I'll help with the packing up as much as I can...!

      This move means that I will be leaving the vicinity of Sheffield
      University, where I have free email access. This means that in a
      couple of weeks time, for a while at least, I will have to come off
      this CovenantedReformation discussion list, until I get email set up
      in our new home.

      I have a question for you Covenanters out there. Can you explain to
      me what happened that led to the Reformed Presbyterians splitting
      off from the other Scottish presbyterians? -- about the Revolution
      Settlement, its contents, and the views that each side of the split

      Yours sincerely, Simon Padbury.
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