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5248Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Church Fathers and Headcoverings

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  • raging_calvinist
    Sep 2 6:42 AM
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      Hey Jason!

      Great to hear from you again! I miss you around here, brother.

      > I was wondering where this quote comes from, I can't seem to find
      > it in the AGES Calvin collection?

      It appears in Calvin's sermon on 1 Corinthians 11. Three sermon's on
      this chapter have been published under the title "Men, Women, and
      Order in the Church." Great little book.

      > Also is it proper for a man to look at or talk to woman who is not
      > his wife who does not have her head covered? I mean is going out in
      > public like going to the beach?

      We live in an age where modesty has been largely forgotten, and
      nature is pretty much officially "cast off." Because of this, it
      would nearly impossible to avoid seeing or speaking to someone who is
      not in some stage of immodest dress. It would, therefore, become
      nearly impossible to avoid all contact and conversation. I don't
      think it is necessary -- though we need to always be careful as to
      where our eyes are roaming.

      The beach.... I love the ocean. I love to feel the sand between my
      toes, hear the roar of the waves, smell the sea, taste the saltiness
      of the water... I'm landlocked in PA, but every once in a while I get
      an "ocean jones" where I have to get to the Atlantic, just to be
      there for a few hours. I HATE the fact that there are practically
      naked people everywhere. But to answer your question, my wife has
      been known to be spotted at the beach wearing her snood!

      > Also I was wondering if you had gotten a chance to read that book
      > on headcoverings and such that you had mentioned a while back, and
      > if so was it any good?

      Oh... that's right. You know, I never ordered that book. Partially
      because there were some other higher priority books I needed, and
      partially because some of the other stuff on the website on which I
      found that book advertised was, well, weird -- they claim to be a mix
      of Rabbinical and Puritan influences. Now, that should make for a
      book that has some interesting and useful quotes, but I passed on it
      for the time being.

      > Thanks again dear brother,

      I love you, man!

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