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  • S.P.Padbury
    Sep 2, 2002
      Dear Patric,

      Just a quick note this time. Thankyou for this discussion -- it's
      helping me too.

      You say...

      <<Methodism ... ... ... tends towards Popery moreso than other
      Arminian churches since it teaches that Baptism regenerates at
      the very time of Baptism.>>

      I didn't know that. Where are you getting your facts from?

      <<In the Lutheran church, I am starting to read that they also have
      a remnant of Popery since one of their confessions says that "they
      (Lutherans) teach that Baptism is required for salvation" (in the
      Augsburg Confession, I think, just before it condemns the errors of
      Anabaptists and other sects), that Baptism regenerates and
      justifies at the very time of Baptism, and yet say that one who dies
      with[out] Baptism is not necessarily unsaved.>>

      Yes, and with Luther's consubstantiation doctrine, Lutheranism
      stays as half-Reformed. It's a shame.

      <<I am starting to read where there are "calvinistic methodist"
      churches such as in Wales.>>

      These also call themselved presbyteran, and for the most part they
      are Welsh speaking, I think. I lived in Wales for 3 years. Dr Martin
      Lloyd Jones came from these Calvinistic Methodists. A few of
      these congregations have joined with some English paedobaptist
      predestinarian small groups, which have grown to become
      churches. They have become organised and constituted into a
      presbytery called the Evanglical Presbyterian Church of England
      and Wales (EPCEW). They sing both Psalms and man-made
      hymns, and are similar to the OPC over there in the USA.

      <<I am indeed grateful to God who in His Unconditional Mercy
      saved me in 1993 and has been sanctifying me towards
      Christlikeness in the true Christian faith, which is the Reformed

      Great attitude to have. Very Calvinist. And, very Pauline. Paul
      wrote often in his epistles that he *thanked God* for the faith of
      those to whom he was writing. Arminians think this is strange!
      Why thank God for a person's faith...? Hmm!

      Also semper Reformanda,

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