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5235Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Church Fathers and Headcoverings

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  • jrschuiling
    Sep 1, 2002
      Hey Jer,

      I was wondering where this quote comes from, I can't seem to find it
      in the AGES Calvin collection?

      > Calvin (the prophet???): "[O]nce we have begun, and abandon
      > to bad things, we will last come forth to such confusion that
      > anything will be permissible. So if women are thus permitted to
      > their heads uncovered and to show their hair, they will eventually
      > allowed to expose their entire breasts, and they will come to make
      > their exhibitions as if it were a tavern show; they will become so
      > brazen that modesty and shame will be no more; in short, they will
      > forget the duty of nature."

      Also is it proper for a man to look at or talk to woman who is not
      his wife who does not have her head covered? I mean is going out in
      public like going to the beach? Also I was wondering if you had
      gotten a chance to read that book on headcoverings and such that you
      had mentioned a while back, and if so was it any good?

      Thanks again dear brother,
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