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4815Re: Bible version?

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  • raging_calvinist
    Aug 5 7:03 AM
      > vg
      > So there is no acceptable General Assembly of any Presbyterian
      > Church in the United States that you would recognize?

      That's pretty much where I'm at right now, yeah.

      > On top of that, in your view, there is no 'lawful General
      > Assembly' in any denomination in the United States today? Is there
      > a "lawful General Assembly" anywhere in the world, today, in your
      > view? If not, was there ever one, when, where and what made it
      > lawful whereas none of them are today?

      Is there a lawful general assembly anywhere in the world today? I
      have no idea, as my survey of the world is quite limited.

      Sure, there were lawful General Assemblies during the first and
      second Reformations in various countries -- when they began to
      forsake the Covenants they swore themselves to, when they began to
      fall back from their Reformation attainments, etc, they began
      their "deformation," and no Christian is required to participate in


      > --- In covenantedreformationclub@y..., "raging_calvinist"
      > <ragingcalvinist@c...> wrote:
      > If someone wants to point out a lawful General Assembly of the
      > Presbyterian Church, I'd be happy to look into it. I'd rather not
      > out here on the fringe if I don't have to be.
      > gmw.
      > vg
      > So the bottom line to my questions above is that, as far as you
      > there isn't one now and there never has been a "lawful General
      > Assembly of the Presbyterian Church?"
      > Let me ask a follow-up question. Is there a true church of Christ
      > (Presbyterian or otherwise) anywhere in the United States today? If
      > so, would you name it and where it is located?
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