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4441Re: [Covenanted Reformation] question

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  • Jasper Wall
    Jun 26 3:47 AM
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      Just a note that I for one appreciate the effort in assembling and posting info on covenanting. This will be useful in learning.


       knoxknoxwhosthere wrote:

      Dear Jerry or John,

      I think I was reading somewhere that the 200 or so men who had been
      incarcerated in Greyfriars and were being transported for being
      Covenanters were those who had been convinced to compromise their
      principles by certain ministers.  These men were shipwrecked and
      drowned.  Am I remembering this correctly?

      Jerry, good idea to do a history of Covenanters in Scotland.  I think
      it would be helpful to just touch on the highlights of social
      covenanting in Scripture or at least point out some articles that
      deal with it so people can see where the principle for it comes
      from.  I find that many people, even in the Reformed camp are
      ignorant of this.

      BTW, after reading of the history of the Covenanters, it became
      easier to understand the clearing of the Highlands and the butchery
      of Cumberland after the Jacobite uprising as a visitation of
      judgement on Scotland for retreating from the Covenants.  Unto whom
      much is given...


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