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4432Re: A Short History of the Covenanted Reformation

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  • raging_calvinist
    Jun 25, 2002
      A Short History of the Covenanted Reformation (1): The Reformation
      Hits Scotland.


      Not too long after Luther blew the lid off things, Reformationally
      speaking, the Reformation found its way to Scotland. Patrick
      Hamilton is oft regarded as the first Protestant witness in
      Scotland. In 1526, Hamilton spent some time with the German
      Reformer, and he brought the Reformation back with him to Scotland.
      It didn't take long for the Papists, under leadership of the
      Archbishop of St. Andrews, James Beaton, to capture and execute Mr.
      Hamilton. He was burned at the stake on February 28, 1528.

      The wicked Archbishop did not stop with Hamilton. Other Protestant
      witnesses popped up, and between 1534 and 1538, ten of them were
      martyred for the cause of Christ. After the death of James Beaton,
      his nephew David Beaton replaced him and took up where James left
      off. In 1543, six faithful Christians were murdered at Perth. And
      the slaughter continued.

      One of those eventually martyred was a man named George Wishart. He
      was accused of heresy, condemned, and burned at the stake on March 1,
      1546. That would prove to be a mistake on Beaton's part. On May
      29th of the same year, supporters of Wishart stormed the castled in
      St. Andrews, forced their way in, and killed the Archbishop, hanging
      his dead body over the side of the castle wall in protest. The
      bishop's doom, indeed!

      Many Protestant leaders in Scotland fled to St. Andrews castle and
      barricaded themselves inside to protect themselves against the
      inevitable retaliation by the Papists. Among those who ended up at
      St. Andrews was a 32 year old John Knox, who served for some time as
      George Wisharts armed bodyguard. Our Lord would use John Knox to
      rock Scotland, and to pave the way for those to come.

      Next up: John Knox.
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