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4336Re: [Covenanted Reformation Club] Re: Miracles?

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  • Kerry S. Prochaska
    Jun 3, 2002
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      From: raging_calvinist, Monday, June 03, 2002 6:40 AM:

      Hey Jay!

      >> I was just wondering what some of your thoughts were regarding
      supernatural experiences that many people claim to have. You know things
      like "demonic presences" or "angel sightings". I personally tend to be
      incredibly skeptical of such things for what I consider good Biblical
      reasons but perhaps I am wrong, I just find it supiciously dangerous that
      people are so intensely interested in such things.

      >Your self-description sounds alot like me. I am a skeptic by nature, and I
      tend doubt or simply remain agnostic about certain experiences people claim
      to have. However, I try to be careful not to completely discount them
      either. After all, the Bible does tell us of demons and angels, and even
      presents them as appearing before men every now and again.

      Hi guys, I am a newbie to this list so forgive me if I am not correct in my

      I am a born again Christain (seven years ago when I was forty years old) who
      has accepted Reformed doctrines as sound and Biblical. I belong to a
      Presbyterian church (PCA is the denomination). I come from a long line of
      Scottish Covenenters.

      I had one of those Paulinian kind of conversions where I was shown my sins
      in a vision that must have been a second long and felt ultimate and
      irrefutible forgiveness immediately after the vision. One moment in tears
      for the sins I had seen and the next joyful because I had become adopted by
      the Lord into His family. I have a few reformed friends who experienced such
      a conversion themselves. Usually us hard headed types :-).

      I am no supporter of the looped out Charismatic TBN kind of faith. Benny
      Hinn and his type always brings to mind the Lord's warning that in the time
      of judgement there will those who will say "Lord, lord didn't I testify in
      your name, didn't I heal in your name, didn't I make a lot of money in your
      name?" ;-} This is paraphrased of course. But the Lord will say to them, "Be
      gone I never knew you." I scary concept that certainly keeps me examing my
      faith all the time.

      Anyway to the point of my response. Shortly after my re-birth by the Lord I
      felt many things: an incredible sense of peace, I no longer feared the dark
      or death, etc. One of things that I didn't fear was Satan. I felt that I
      could have stood before Him and laughed in his face. Well early one morning
      I was wakened by what felt like a shaking of my bed. I lived in alone San
      Diego at the time and immediately thought that it was an earthquake. But it
      wasn't quite like any earthquake I had ever felt. There was the sound of
      rhythmically rushing wind and the shaking was only at the end of my bed. I
      pinched myself to see if I was awake and then looked at my cat to see if the
      big guy was reacting to this since he was extremely sensitive to anything
      out of the ordinary. But he was sound asleep. I then focused on what it
      could be. The rushing wind sound was not coming from my windows since they
      were closed. The shaking was not a moving around but rather felt like
      something was jumping around on the end of my bed. I felt absolutely no fear
      and I finally went back to sleep. The next night it happened again. This
      time I really paid attention to what it could be and came to the conclusion
      that the tapping at the end of my bed was the beating of air as would happen
      if some extremely large wings were flapping. I can't remember rightly
      whether or not I prayed but I think I did and the next thing I know the
      thing disappeared in the corner of my bed room up into a small cloud. At
      least that is what it looked like through my near-sighted vision.

      I didn't talk about this situation until a few laters when I was joining my
      current church and told it to an elder in the church. He immediately said
      that it was a demon. I also talked to the assistant pastor of my church
      about it and he said it was a demon. I don't know what that visitation was
      but I will say that it didn't show me anything more then that there is a
      thin veil between this world and the spiritual realm. Take away the veil and
      we would probably see angels descending to earth and ascending to heaven. We
      would probably also see angels and demons battling around us.

      >Ya know, there are some stories about Martin Luther and other Reformers
      healing people, prophesying, etc. Not exactly Benny Hinn, but still quite

      Martin Luther, so the legend goes, was physically attacked by the devil one
      night. He threw either an ink well or a chamber pot at him, depending on
      which version you hear. The stains are supposed to still be on the wall so
      it is hard to believe that it was the chamber pot.

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