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  • raging_calvinist
    Apr 8, 2002
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      > Interpreting the phrase "which I commanded not, neither came it
      > into my heart" to mean God is adding something to the covenant
      > therefore, instead of using litotes to remind the Israelites that
      > what the were doing was already forbidden, cannot be right, since
      > under the conditions as stated, God would be breaking covenant with
      > Israel

      Thank you for the explanation, Tim. However, Jeremiah 7 is not
      adding anything different, as God very clearly stated,

      "YE SHALL NOT ADD UNTO the word which I command you, neither shall
      ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of
      the LORD your God which I command you" and "Ye shall observe to do
      therefore as the LORD your God hath commanded you: YE SHALL NOT TURN
      ASIDE TO THE RIGHT HAND OR TO THE LEFT" and "What thing soever I
      command you, observe to do it: THOU SHALT NOT ADD THERETO, nor
      diminish from it." (Deut. 4:2; 5:32; 12:32)

      And so what Calvin says of Jeremiah 7:31 is true, "There is then no
      other argument needed to condemn superstitions, than that they are
      not commanded by God: for when men allow themselves to worship God
      according to their own fancies, and attend not to his commands, they
      pervert true religion....The Prophet's words then are very
      when he says, that God had commanded no such thing, and that it never
      came to his mind; as though he had said, that men assume too much
      wisdom, when they devise what he never required, nay, what he never
      knew." That the Lord did not command it is in and of itself enough
      to condemn innovative worship practice, that the act was specifically
      condemned is double condemnation.

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