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  • raging_calvinist
    Jul 31, 2001
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      More Rutherford:<br><br>"The Scripture says, he
      works all things according to the counsel of his will,
      for his Glory, and therefore he intends not his own
      declaritive Glory as he loves himself: for by necessity of
      nature he loves himself, and cannot but love himself.
      But he might, if so it had pleased him, never have
      intended to show forth his own Glory, and does not show it
      forth by necessity of nature as he loves himself. Yea
      he might never have created the world, never have
      acted without himself: For he was sufficient within
      himself and stood in need of no declaritive Glory: Gen.
      17:1. Acts 17:25. Yea if by necessity of Justice God
      cannot but punish sin, especially this justice shall
      carry him to follow the Law of Works without any Gospel
      moderation, which is that the same person that sins, and the
      same soul, Ezek.18, and no other, should die for sin:
      for all these. Thou shalt destroy all the workers of
      iniquity. Thou art of purer eyes then that thou can behold
      iniquity, and the like, are expressions of a pure legal
      proceeding in the Lord, against such as are out of Christ,
      under the Law, not under the Gospel, to wit, the
      workers of iniquity whom the Lord in justice shall punish
      in their person, not in their surety. And if there
      be such a connection objective ex natura rei,
      between sin and punishment, it must be between punishment
      and the very person and none other, but the same that
      sinned: For this among men is justice." [Pg.
      32]<br><br>Comments/discussion welcome.<br><br>gmw.
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