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1980Re: Designed for Pleasure?

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  • rlarson555
    Oct 31, 2001
      KnoxKnox said:I guess you could say that children
      are part of the common grace blessings that God
      bestows on all men regardless of their status as covenant
      keepers or breakers, just as all people partake of the
      pleasures of eating or sex itself. What should distinguish
      Christians from the unsaved is the attitude we have towards
      children -- blessings to be welcomed from God, not pets,
      not status symbols, not something to have in severely
      limited quantities, accidents, burdens, or nuisances to
      be endured as they are so often looked upon by the
      unsaved. <br><br>How can children be looked upon as
      "common grace blessings" (if there is such a thing) when
      they are considered pets, accidents, burdens, or
      nuisances to be endured?