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16963Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Tithing Questions

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  • David Reese
    Oct 9, 2010
      Dear Glenn,

      Thanks for your contribution to this discussion thus far.

      Could you comment on Genesis 14:20, the argument in Hebrews 7 on the superiority of Christ's Melchizedekian priesthood proved on the pre-Levitical "tithe" received from Abraham, Jesus' "you ought to have done" statement in Lk. 11:42 concerning the tithe, and then finally, Paul's argument for the New Covenant minister getting their living by the Gospel, "in the same way" as those who served at the Temple in 2 Cor. 9:13-14...which has the background of the tithe behind it?

      This is no hill to die on for me, but I have thought that there IS a fairly compelling case to be made for a NT tithe, in something of the way that we think of the NT Lord's Day. Jesus didn't so much argue against the principle, but recovered it from the abuses and ceremonial layers.  Your guidelines below would seem to govern the whole category of "alms" or extra giving and I would agree with them wholeheartedly in relation to that kind of above and beyond giving.  I have learned a lot from your posts in the past and therefore, don't hear this as a visceral challenge...

      ...it's an interesting question, and I am really just hoping to learn further.

      Thanks for your time,

      Dave Reese
      Springs Reformed Church (RPCNA)
      Colorado Springs, CO

      On Oct 9, 2010, at 12:32 PM, Glenn Ferrell wrote:

      I vote no on continuance of tithing as outlined in the Old Testament.  It's application is impossible; it applied only to agricultural increase on the produce of the land of inheritance; it was given to Levites for support of the sacrificial and temple system, and included two other tithes serving other purposes.  This is ceremonial law, fulfilled in Christ.
      However, it has spiritual application of certain principles.  New Testament giving should be proportional, sacrificial, prioritized, purposeful, and joyful for the support of the ministry and relief of the destitute.  Giving should also be in the context of God's ownership of all we have and of ourselves.

      J. Glenn Ferrell, Pastor, Sovereign Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Boise, Idaho http://sovereignredeemer.org


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      Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2010 12:05:48 -0400
      Subject: Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Tithing Questions

      On 10/9/2010 10:32 AM, Glenn Ferrell wrote:
      Tithes were on the increase of one's herd, flock, seed and fruit in the Land.  There were three tithes; the first was paid to the levites.  How many cattle, sheep, acres, olive trees, or vines to you own in the Land of the Inheritance?

      So your vote is "No continuance/application whatsoever"?
      Larry Bump (but it's at the top of the message beside "From:")

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