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16937Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: KING JESUS WILL BE GLORIFIED!!!

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  • EHJ
    Sep 22, 2010
      Thanks for replying.
      Will you send to the listserver the chapters from a book you have
      (that is no longer available from your home page...)
      that says what jesuit and roman cathoics brought
      about the REVOLUTION and how they did such???
      Does it mention how the "War Between The States"
      was brought about???
      How was the French brought about???
      Blessings to you, Sir...
      Sincerely, Eric
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      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "EHJ" <GODANDCOUNTRY@...> wrote:

      > Your home page, a number of years ago, you had declared
      > taking King George III side with respect to that war.
      > The thought was that a true elect christian was defending a
      > cause we were "taught" to hate!!!

      Yes, in a number of books and articles I express my view that the American Revolution was mis-guided. It took us from nationally established Protestantism to nationally established secularism, funded by Roman Catholic France and Spain.

      Furthermore, in my opinion the Romish Papal kingdom has not been the superpower of the world since the Middle Ages, having been significantly weakened by the Protestant Reformation. Rather, the modern world superpower has been the secularist USA with its predominantly secular humanist philosophy/religion. The secularist USA has helped make the world materially wealthy but spiritually poor.

      I will not be surprised if the Romish Papal kingdom has one last stab at superpower status in the future before being thoroughly extirpated.

      > King George III was not stupid; quite intelligent;
      > comprehended the reality of things, Spiritual...

      I have good reason to believe King George III will be in heaven, whereas I have good reason to believe the intellectual leaders of the American Revolution Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson will be in hell.

      But who is treated as "good" in most American textbooks, even ones used in American Christian schools?

      > Parnell, will send another email asking from you
      > about who exactly and how that war
      > was brought about...

      I would refer you to the following as examples:



      > Please do start your weekly updates, again...

      Thank you for your kind comments. Due to time constraints, I could not keep it up, but started this instead:


      - J. Parnell McCarter

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