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  • EHJ
    Sep 22, 2010
      Howdy, There, Sir,
      Please remember that a Scottish Reformationite is asking the
      following Providential questions to you ---
      Why a secret society???
      What do they mean with the Cross and Crown???
      Why is it named T.R.B.I.???
      How does T.R.B.I. define Reformed???
      What exactly is meant by
      "Most Worshipful Sir Knight" and
      "Sovereign Grand Master";
      we are only to call each other Christians;
      does he think he is a Pope???
      The fellow named Johnstoun, A.D. 1857;
      what did he and T.R.B.I. think about
      "War Between The States"???
      What does T.R.B.I. think about the
      National Covenant???
      T.R.B.I.; that your Church???
      What does Parnell think about T.R.B.I.???
      (have high respect about conclusions he makes about
      Spiritual things...)...
      Sincerely, Eric
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      Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2010 11:27 PM
      Subject: Re: [Covenanted Reformation] The Reformation Alive!


      Greetings Eric,
      The "anti-papal visit" parade was organised by The Royal Black Institution, often known as the Royal Black Preceptory or The Imperial Grand Black Chapter Of The British Commonwealth. Plenty of video's on YouTube under our most common appellation The Royal Black Preceptory & info online. I'll let you research this Institution my friend...I'll be interested to hear your opinions on a Protestant Christian presenting "at arms" with both bible & sword!?   The meek may well inherit the Earth, but until that time shall I not divest myself of my ability to defend my people, fight for civil liberties, preserve a Protestant monarchy, & uphold the Law...
      The conventicles are attended by many Orders/Institutions & arranged primarily by The Orange & Purple Order. These are held in various locations around the country & at different times, commemorating Reformationist lives often hideously lost protecting Scriptural freedom...& sometimes watched by an audience of bemused tourists!?
      The 12th Boyne celebrations in Belfast are famous around the world Eric, organised by the Orange & Purple Order. I walk the 13miles every year carrying a Standard & for miles spectators are a dozen deep. The city centre is a sight to behold with 10's of thousands, & adds a contextual relevance of Scripture linking people at street level. Again, vid's on YouTube under Orange Parades...
      I'm afraid I dont know of any forum's I could direct you to Eric, apart from the homepages of the above Institutions. We are of a fraternal & confidential nature, demonised by society as "extremist, sectarian, bigoted". Yet the Papist enemy on our doorstep are many & real...
      Wishing you all the best,
      Knowledge in the Spirit,


      From: EHJ <GODANDCOUNTRY@...>
      To: covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Fri, 17 September, 2010 13:55:18
      Subject: Re: [Covenanted Reformation] The Reformation Alive!


      O, blessings to you, Sir,
      How wonderful thee Spirit of what you sent,
      it seemed like James Renwick had typed such...
      The recent stand you took for Truth, where you walked past J.K. place,
      who brought that about and do they have a home page???
      Did you, when at his abode, salute the most patriotic of Scotch???
      There a video to see that???
      Field---Meetings where Christ Jesus true patriots gathered;
      that must of been profoundly holy stand as you folk reflected
      upon their suffering heroisms...
      Does who brought that about have a home page???
      There a video to see that???
      A Hundred Thousand; Covenanters ?!?!?!
      How was that brought about and do they have a home page???
      There a video to see that???
      Does your most important of countries
      have listservers where true elect christians get together???
      What about chat rooms; those???
      Scottish Reformation Will Be Thee Whole Wide World!!!
      Sincerely, Eric
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      Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 12:20 AM
      Subject: [Covenanted Reformation] The Reformation Alive!


      Greetings Eric,
      Cogitating on your post brother, I'll share some reflections...
      I attended an "anti-papal visit" demonstration in Edinburgh (Scotland) on Saturday to publicly declare "No Pope Of Rome" or his perverted teachings. Marching down High Street, full complement of flutist's & drummers, right past John Knox's house was a poignant & unambiguous symbolism of the continued Reformation here in Central Scotland...
      In August we hold an annual conventicle (an open-air service in the style of our persecuted forefathers) in the ruins of Dunkeld Cathedral celebrating victory over the Catholic forces of James VII in 1689. @ the graveside of the Commanding Officer of the Covenanter Army Col William Cleland we give thanks to the Lord for providing such resolute, spirited, & selfless individuals who bring such historic inspirational & aspirational ideals to modern Protestantism...
      Every 12th July 100,000 strong & with a million spectators we parade through the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland, the last (& forgotten) "divided by wall" city in Europe. In commemoration of William III's victory @ the Battle of the Boyne, assisted by police snipers & the British Army, we endure the vitriolic hate hurled by the Papist's along with their petrol bombs...
      Don't really know what my point is mate, & I seem to speak in a much different language than the posts I enjoy reading, but the British/Scottish covenanting tradition is alive & kicking in Scotland.
      Wishing you well in the Spirit,
      "Never Surrender!"

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