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  • Kevin Guillory
    Dec 13, 2009
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      Gosh!  I'm a cultist ... and didn't even know it!  Guess all I can do is rejoice in it! :-D


      Connie Blaine wrote:

      you are a fool. the covenanters are a cult. the gospel has nothing to do with politics or worldly nations. the biblical covenant is a will and testament and Christ is the testator of that will to save those who are written in the book of life. so that the elect would inherit not only eternal life but a new earth and heaven. we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but are to live in peace with all men. ours is not to put down or crusade against false religions. to follow the reformed tradition is no different then catholics following theirs. there is no possibility of correction. sad to say that the reformation ended about 400 years ago. the reformed creeds have many false doctrins in them. for example, we are not justified by our faith but by the faith of Christ. we are justified by his faith and work and not by anything in or through us. (gal.2:16) etc. there is no church that has not perverted the gospel. study your Bible and stop listening to these people. the regulative principle does not exist the way they say. Deut. 12:32 is speaking of adding to the word of God as well as prov.30:6 and rev.22:18 there is nothing in the bible that says you cant celebrate holidays like Christmas. remember, we are to do all things in a God glorifying way. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY ONE, james

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      Subject: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: the Covenanted Reformation
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      > I have for many years kept my distance from this Club for fear of sinning by giving offense or being offended. I speak too much and sin is not absent. I understand too little, for that reason. I am zealous but not always in the right spirit. It takes me years to understand what I said that was so wrong. I joined this month out of a desire for fellowship and edification as a lone scattered sheep. This is my attempt to edify my brethren. This Lord's Day I was reviewing journal and sermon notes and rereading my notes from Mr. John Welwood's sermon on 1 Peter 4:18 from 'Sermons in Times of Persecution' . His was a fearful admonition for some and encouragement for others. Not knowing my own heart I began self examination. What followed these notes were musings on what happened to the visible church as I knew it and then more notes on something that I read, but I cannot remember from where. It was instructive to me and I am sharing from my notes (not an exact copy of what was read) in the hope it will be helpful to someone.
      > In our Covenants we swear 6 things:
      > 1. We will endeavor to be humbled for our sins and for the sins of the kingdom. (the plantations in the US, Canada and elsewhere were prayerfully petitioned for in the Directory for Public Worship, so I can safely assume we were in their prayers and contendings)
      > 2. We will go before one another in an example of real reformation requiring more amendment of life than fighting and disputes.
      > 3. We will endeavor to amend our lives and reform not only ourselves but all those that are under our charge.
      > (this was a concern of Thomas Manton at the beginning of my Westminster Confession of Faith and I fear it has not yet been realized among us)
      > 4. To endeavor to bring the 3 Kingdoms to the nearest conjunction and uniformity in religion, Confession of Faith, Form of Church Government, Directory for Worship and Catechizing.
      > (as a former plantation of Great Britain all Westminster accepting Reformed Churches in this nation are bound to our fathers covenants as their spiritual posterity and their visible representation as I understand it)
      > 5. To endeavor the extirpation of Popery, Prelacy, superstition, heresy and schism in our place, calling and station - one cannot contend for a toleration of all religions and keep this oath.
      > 6. Against a detestable indifference and neutrality in this cause that so much concerns the glory of God. How many care not for what becomes of the (public) cause of God so that they may have peace and quiet, indifferent as to which contending parties prevail as long as they may have their trading again.
      > I believe all true covenanters would do well to consider all these things for they have caused us to be scattered one from another on this dark day and to our own and our families hurt. I encourage each covenanter to prayerfully look each to his own heart as I did to mine. On Monday the Lord was by his gracious spirit already helping me with #1 I have a long way to go.
      > May our heavenly Father pity us as children of dust.

      Thank you for your heartfelt post -- would that more of the Lord's children were as zealous for His cause!

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