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16843[Covenanted Reformation] Re: the Covenanted Reformation

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  • christabella.warren
    Dec 10, 2009
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      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Larry Bump <lbump@...> wrote:
      > And I continue to assert that as Crown Colonies the Americas were not
      > part of the Three Kingdoms and were never bound to either.
      > That is their proper legal position, and the basis for the Declaration
      > of Independence. Their king had not defended them against a foreign
      > power (parliament)and so had effectively abdicated.
      > Most of the early settlers came here to get out from under the authority
      > of Parliament; remember? That's the only reason for the Pilgrims and
      > Puritans (not to mention the Baptists and Papists) to come here.

      I've got to agree with you there -- in fact, the Puritans often had to fight against the Scottish Covenanters back in Old England during the English Civil War in order to preserve their freedoms against a would-be tyrannical Presbyterian state.
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