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  • puritanpresbyterian
    Sep 3, 2009

      Dear Brethren,

      For the first time in the history of the Spanish Christian Church, John Calvin's book, The Necessity of Reforming the Church, is now in Spanish and can be purchased in book form.  The translator is Joel Chairez, Deacon of the RPCNA of Los Angeles, CA.  The cost is only $7.99 plus S&H direct from the publisher.  Booksellers can purchase them at wholesale. Contact the publisher for details.

      Here is the link:


      Buy them for your Spanish speaking friends, for missionaries in Spanish speaking nations, to own a book that the Papacy tried to stop, & to help spread the Reformed Faith in Spanish speaking nations (all 23 othem including the USA).

      Spread the news!

      In Christ,

      Edgar Ibarra

      Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

       Westminster Presbyterian Church

       Bethesda, MD