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  • truepresbyterian
    Feb 12, 2009
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      For those interested:

      A few days ago a friend wrote to me and mentioned that Howie's Faithful Contendings Displayed was online on Google Books. I think I downloaded it a while ago, but I figured I would mention it here because any Covenanters who haven't found it already will probably want to do the same.

      Today, another friend wrote and mentioned that Kessinger has done a re-print of the book. If you don't have any of their reprints, be aware that they are not up-to-standard with the facsimile quality you would usually expect. A couple I have ordered in the past have been missing just the last page. And the text was a little pixelated. Anyway, if you would like a real book, instead of the awkward 8.5x11 photocopy style, here are the links:

      Faithful Contendings - Paperback 

      Faithful Contendings - Hardcover 

      ... or you could probably find them elsewhere besides Amazon.com

      Have a good day,

      True Presbyterian