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16645Re: Poetry of the Covenant

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  • Ic Neltococayotl
    Dec 16, 2008
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      Ah YES!

      Get the Poems of Fighting Faith compiled by James A. Dickson.   

      Published by:

      Blue Banner Productions
      25 Sciennes Rd
      Edinburgh EH9 1NX
      1988 edition.  29 poems, 64 pages long.


      The Covenanter's Lament
      by John Stuart Blackie

      O waly waly up the glen,
        And waly waly o'er the moor!
      The land is full of bloody men,
        Who hunt to death the friendless poor!
      We brook the rule of robbers wild;
        They tear the son from his father's lands,
      They tear the mother from her child,
        They tear the Bible from our hands!

      Last night, as I came o'er the moor,
        And stood upon the grey hill-crown,
      I saw the red flames rise wi' power
        Frae the lone house o' Alik Brown.
      The godless grim dragoons were there,
        And Clavers spake, that swearing loon,
      "So burn the nest, so smoke the lair
        Of all that dare to think wi' Brown!"

      O blessed Lord, who rul'st in Heaven,
        Who preached Thy gospel to the poor,
      How long shall Thy best friends be driven
        Like hunted hares from moor to moor?
      Arise, O Lord, Thy saints deliver,
        This land from ruthless despots free!
      'Neath wintry skies we sit and shiver,
        But times of gladness come from Thee.

      Hope that helps some?

      Edgar Ibarra
      Westminster Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, MD
      Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Heart Aflame" <heart.aflame@...> wrote:
      > Is anyone aware of any book(s) available which have poetry depicting the
      > Covenanting wars? I know about James Grahame, but apart from that are
      > unaware of anything, apart from the odd thing like The Cameronians dream,
      > but I mean collections of poetry about the covenanting wars?
      > Thanks in advance,
      > ~Deejay
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