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16642RE: [Covenanted Reformation] The thrown shoes...

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  • Heart Aflame
    Dec 15, 2008

      Well, well...
      Invade a sovereign nation that is no threat to you, go there after you
      have screwed everything up being self-deluded that you have obtained
      victory and get shoes thrown at you!

      Well, I hope at least he got a nice pair.

      They were size 10’s apparently!!  In England it just gave folks another reason to laugh at him. As no-one I have known here has ever had the least regard for him.  Thought him only a joke from the start and a laughing stock. A figure of derision mostly. I don’t say that to insult American people at all.  Only the damage he has done the American people with his representing your country as your leader, in overseas countries. But he was about as much Presidential material IMO,  as Mickey Mouse.

      His pluralism on display at the start of his presidency, after 9-11, also set the tone for his so called faith in office while John Ashcroft,  (I think it was) got  shot down in flames, because he at least had the courage to say that Christ is King.


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