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  • Eshelman Family
    Dec 4, 2008
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      Glen and others,

      I was made able to receive a call by presbytery in August by the GLG Presbytery. September 1 the LA congregation called me to become their pastor. That call was passed to the PC Presbytery's Ad Interim Commission who approved the call and passed it on to the GLG Ad Interim Commission. The GLG AIC approved it as a call and passed it on to me. I recieved the actual call in hands a couple of weeks ago and accepted the call to LA.

      Now, of course, I still have the ordination and installation exams, but even an ordained minister who was transfering to another Presbytery would have to pass these exams.

      I see no problem with saying that I accepted the call- because I did. Can you show me in our Standards where it is not acceptable to use this language?

      BTW, Glen, the church is in the Glendale area of LA. www.rpcla.org


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