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16610Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Los Angeles bound

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  • Larry Bump
    Dec 3, 2008
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      Ic Neltococayotl wrote:
      > But Larry, can he and we in general not plan for such and such an event?
      > Of course as the Lord wills, but can things not be scheduled to be done,
      > and in this specific case, things accomplished without the expectation
      > that the outcome can only be one result?
      Sure, I guess; especially when there is a lot of travel. But a little
      humility would go a long way, and to completely short-circuit the
      process by processing a call before the candidate is even certified
      seems a bit much. It is unseemly, in my opinion.

      I mean, James wrote this for a reason. We should respect the Lord's
      Word here a little more, I think.

      > If elders are feeling
      > pressured to vote one way, then shame on them if they cave in to that
      > pressure, but I do not think that is the fault of the whole per se
      > especially of the candidate. In the end there is always a pressure to
      > vote the party line or what the majority holds instead of voting
      > according to what one's conscience believes to be according to God's
      > Word.
      Yeah, but even more so in this case. It is again unseemly to do this.
      Would you feel good about having the execution scheduled before the
      trial is held? Of course not. It would smack of a foregone conclusion
      and violate the "avoid the appearance of evil" command.
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