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16601Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: as the Soviet Union went, will the USA go?

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  • Ben Hart
    Nov 17, 2008
      Two quick things.
      First, anyone who has a fancy scheme to fit their claims about an interpretation of Revelation is quite bold indeed!  They all have an air of plausibility, but how many have been right so far?  I am reminded of an argument for skepticism about scientific theories here.  It goes like this.  Virtually every scientific theory has been proven wrong by subsequent science.  This provides strong inductive support for doubting our current theories.  Something similar could be said for any attempt to make a definitive pronouncement on the precise dating of the events described in Revelation.  (Note that even if the scientific argument is unsound, the one for interpretations of Revelation is on good footing.) 
      Second, for Edgar:  Rage Against the Machine!?   On the CRC?  Is that what happens to people when they fall away from the RPNA?  :D

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