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  • Ic Neltococayotl
    Nov 2, 2008


      Many of you that have been around for a while know that I and another brother, Joel Chairez in California , have been translating 16th and 17th Century works of Presbyterians into Spanish publishing them at:  www.PresbiterianoReformado.org

      Over the course of a year or bit more we made contact with a minister in Mexico .  He was already Reformed in doctrine and through our writings / translations became convinced of the RPW: A Capella Psalmody, Lord's Day sanctification, and no holy days and became convinced of other distinctively Puritan positions.  This past summer, his wife and he along with one of the Elders of his congregation and his family drove from México City all the way to West Virginia to be at the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) family conference.  It would be an understatement to say that I was elated.  They spoke with some of the ministers about the next move and to begin steps of fraternal relations, for now it is just getting to know one another.  Well, his congregation in México had been dissolved for a while due to several reasons.  Just a core group remained at the time as the minister was trying to determine what steps they should take with this paradigm shift of belief.

      So after they returned to Mexico , they held a congregational meeting that Lord's Day.  They resolved to reestablish the congregation and held their very first worship service two weeks after the conference ended.  They all covenanted to uphold the entire and original Westminster Standards (Joel and I have already translated the rest so that for the 1st time all of them are in Spanish) and to worship God as He commands...they sang ONLY the Psalms without instruments.  They established themselves as the Iglesia Puritana de México >>> The Puritan Church of México.  

      The very first congregation that is Puritan and Presbyterian in their constitution and practice in all of Latin America !!!  I am so thankful to the Lord for this great and marvelous work.  It is hard to explain or comment just how extraordinary this is in the grand scheme of things as it pertains to Latin America .

      Another momentous event in Spanish church history is, Lord willing, going to be occurring early 2009. 

      Stay tuned.

      Alabando al Señor Jesucristo,

      Edgar Ibarra
      attending Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)
      in Bethesda, Maryland
      Westminster congregation

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