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16545Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Contraception

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  • Larry Bump
    Oct 4, 2008
      benhartmail wrote:

      > 2. There is another significant problem with your argument. You
      > reason that if someone can ethically have sex when conception is
      > impossible, it is acceptable for them to intend to make conception
      > impossible when having sex. How does this follow? I'd like to see how

      You are asking the wrong question. This assumes that the burden of
      proof is on me. It is not.

      I have yet to see a biblical argument that equates contraception to
      homosexuality. And I doubt I see one. Try a simple Biblical quote that
      makes your point. No assumed "equivalencies", nothing referencing
      anything else. Just show contraception to be condemned directly (Onan
      doesn't count) or that sex for pleasure alone (with a spouse) is wrong.
      Have fun, you can't do it.

      God does not speak to the question. Any of your sophistry to the
      contrary, it is a matter of Christian Liberty as long as abortion is not

      These posts of yours continually beg the question. They assume your
      conclusions, then demand that someone operating in the same framework
      (with the same assumptions) proof the conclusion wrong.
      I deny your assumptions, as they come from the seeming wisdom of men and
      not Scripture. I have no intention of engaging the philosophy that
      underpins the arguments.
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