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16526Re: Contraception

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  • benhartmail
    Oct 3, 2008
      Hey Edgar,

      I left it untranslated because I'm trying not to be crass. But the
      rough idea is that it's any kind of Sodomistic activity where an
      orifice has been penetrated which is of the wrong kind to lead to

      As for vigilantism, I'm not sure, but you're right, that's another
      question. (Only you would bring that one up, ex-Marine that you

      So will you take a look at the article?

      All the best,

      > Hey brave Ben!
      > Question:
      > "unnatural acts like coitus in vase
      > indebitum, even done in the context of marriage."
      > What is "coitus in vase indebitum"?
      > Natural Law huh? Wonder if vigilantism would find a valid place
      > therein...that is when Instituted Law fails to protect those it was
      > written to protect...but that is another topic...
      > Thanks,
      > Edgar
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