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16519Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Mark of the Number of the Name of the Beast video

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  • Larry Bump
    Oct 2, 2008
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      Glenn Ferrell wrote:

      > I’d be interested in arguments for why the 2 Thess. 2 is not referring
      > to the pope. Simply asserting scripture identifies other "antichrists"
      > is not sufficient to refute what Westminster maintained.

      No, it's not. But it does refute what *some* maintain, that
      "antichrist" may only properly refer to the Pope.

      Properly read with the grammar of the day, the Westminster clause does
      not identify the Pope as the only fulfillment of the prophecy, but only
      as a (or even "the) prime example of the type.

      Yes, the Pope is a prime example of Antichrist. But to say AntiChrist
      can only mean the Pope is wrong.

      I do believe that Scripture teaches that "the Man of Sin", the Beast,
      666 was Nero, and that most of the prophecy in the Apocalypse of John
      was fulfilled during 70 AD and the Jewish Wars. I do not believe that
      makes me a papist or a heretic; and I do not agree that some sort of
      burden of proof falls upon me to refute Westminster on that. What
      exalts those men's opinions to that level of authority?
      (Think carefully before answering)

      What is the Scriptural proof for that authority?

      I think it funny that people that deny 144 hour creation are often
      allowed as orthodox by people who condemn partial preterists as heretics.
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