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16517Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Mark of the Number of the Name of the Beast video

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  • Larry Bump
    Oct 2, 2008
      Charles Barden wrote:
      > I sense the spirit of boasting in this forum today. As an outsider
      > looking in, you are both right in some points. However, Keith it seems
      > is being egotistical which is not helping his cause. I think he has
      > some good points but we have to remember that no one is perfect and no
      > one has the absolute truth; it is a journey. Calling someone a papist
      > or a jesuit...them is fightin' words.

      The problem with the whole argument is the presuppositions of one party.
      Some believe that Westminster has all the truth, and cannot be
      disputed in any way.
      My position is that that belief is a denial of the Reformation. All
      man's teaching must be questioned, and cannot be held above scrutiny.

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