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16470Re: The North American Reformed Seminary (TNARS) - free seminary

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  • bob_suden
    Jul 29, 2008
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      Hello again,  Larry

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Bray" <larryicr@...> wrote:
      > I appreciate that honest [correct and pointed] criticism of Dr. Frame.

      Good. Glad to hear it. Will you or TNARS act upon it?
      > I don't agree with everything that he teaches, and as you mentioned he
      > doesn't teach at TNARS either.

      Agreed, but will TNARS continue to run his endorsement?
      > The materials that are taught at TNARS are from a Westminster
      > Standards point of reference. That's the important thing in my opinion.

      Exactly.   Which is just the point. I don't care if John Frame is a theological idiot savant that can do prime numbers in his head when it comes to apologetics.  Rather  Mr. Frame  is doing what he can in our day and time  under our very noses to undercut those very same Standards, if not the Word of God itself,  with his fraudulent, errant and nonconfessional  theology, accompanied all the while with his profession of love for and belief in both the Standards and the Scripture. My question again is: who needs papists with presbyterians like this?

      > Did you have any issues with what we were teaching? All of the classes
      > are accessible from our website.

      That I haven't had a chance to look into.
      But like I might just as well said, why bother? If TNARS thinks an endorsement from John Frame is a plus or at least necessary to acknowledge, that might seem to speak volumes about TNARS's theological discernment. As in the lack thereof.
      (And that even before we begin the discussion over long distance vs. on site/in person theological education.)

      Again, I appreciate your efforts with the TNARS, Larry, but theology according to the Three Stooges gets me going and that is what I consider Mr. Frame's output to be.
      If the written word of God is infallible, perspicuous and sufficient, than among other things,  pictures of Christ are unnecessary -   as well as forbidden in that same word - at least according to the WS. But not according to John Frame.

      Fine. Slap him with a gag order, give him a box of crayons,  and let him have at it in the church's nursery - or better yet in the pope's catechism class. Instead he's publishing, pontificating and handing out endorsements - and what's worse, protestant presbyterians  accept them at face value.  That I got a problem with.

      Thanks again,

      cordially in the Word become flesh,
      Bob S.
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